Styrofoam Ones

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"A Synth-Punk trio from Toronto Ontario Canada taking parties and basement jams by storm. Using mostly spacey keyboards, fuzzed-out bass and pounding drums will lure you into a shattered mirror ball world populated with the latest species to emerge from a pop noir generation.

The band formed a harsh winter ago over a mutual interest in dollar bin records and red stripe. Countless hours in a makeshift studio gave birth to shells of songs that displayed an obvious knack for hook mastery. They’ve since shared the stage with Kid Cudi, The Carps, Stop Die Resuscitate, Bonjay, More Proof DJ’s and many others. After showcasing at NXNE this past spring, the band has been hard at work in the studio.

This is an era of all-you-can-eat fusion and Styrofoam Ones have fashioned a schizophrenic mélange of soulful, energetic post-punk that’s best served at 2am on a grimy dance floor."

“On first listen, their punk energy is what you notice, but once they get to their first chorus, the pure pop potential shines through loud and clear. If there’s any justice in the world, someone will capture this raw, unrefined magic…”
– NOW Magazine

J (vox, bass) + JR (keys, vox) + Clay (drums) = Styrofoam Ones

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